Business Merger: 3 Things to Consider


If you are looking to expand your business empire, you may be considering buying a smaller business. However, while business mergers can be a great move, they can also be incredibly complex. A merger will often involve prolonged negotiations between the different parties before they agree on the value of the company, which is for sale and the terms and conditions of the merger. If the law is not properly followed during a merger, it could cause the deal to break down.

3 February 2017

Guide To Appointing An Executor For Your Will


When you make your will, you will need to appoint an executor or executors to administer the will when you die so that your estate is distributed as per your wishes. So, how do you choose a suitable executor for your will? Read on for a helpful guide. Appointing an executor/s You can ask family members and friends to be executors, even if they are also to be beneficiaries under the terms of the will.

25 January 2017