Why You Should Be Wary of Hidden Rights When Buying a Plot of Land


If you plan to buy some land in a heavily developed area, you need to be very aware of your rights and understand exactly what you are purchasing. Unfortunately, some people go into this type of transaction with their head in the sand and believe that it will be very straightforward, especially if the land is essentially undeveloped. In a busy area like this, you may find that other people or entities have certain rights in relation to this land and they could restrict what you're able to do with the plot once you are the owner.

26 July 2018

4 Conveyancing Considerations For Your New Business Premises


Your new business premises will play a major role in your success, so you'll naturally want to ensure that the expense you incur is being directed at the right property. At the end of the day, you want to support business success, so make sure you follow these conveyancing considerations for your new office premises. Make Sure The Property Can Be Used For Your Business You will need to ensure that your business can be undertaken on the premises without any limitations.

2 April 2018